About Us

Draper house is committed to supporting patients through their recovery pathway to achieve positive outcomes

Our Values

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• To ensure a collaborative approach is adopted placing the patient and the center of their care and treatment

• To enable carer and family involvement where the patient consents and it is appropriate

• To treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity by nurturing positive therapeutic relationships

• To help patients fulfil their potential and achieve self determination to enable a meaningful and independent life

• To encourage patients to progress through the rehabilitation and treatment pathway from referral to recovery utilizing the Hope model, recovery journey and toolkit of interventions.

• To support patients and enable a seamless transition into the

• To ensure an ethos of discharge planning from the assessment stage

• To develop and implement collaboratively psychological formulations which identify the changing care and treatment needs

• To provide evidence- based assessment and treatment for complex mental health conditions which follows current guidelines and ensures the best outcomes

• To adopt high quality, innovative and continually developing evidence based care

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Core ethos and values

Our service is underpinned by our 5 core values (REACH) which are;

1. Respect

2. Empowerment

3. Achievement

4. Collaboration

5. Hope

We hope these values portray an overall message of collaborative working to achieve the best outcomes possible. The values are chosen to demonstrate the collaborative working at Draper House where the staff and Patient’s work together to make a difference to make a difference to their lives.

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Our service values are based upon recovery principles and the provision of effective rehabilitation.

We focus on enabling recovery through collaborative working and the creation of a positive and encouraging environment. A recovery based approach is adopted using our Hope model of rehabilitation which is based on recovery principles and incorporates a toolkit of interventions available to patient’s dependent upon individual need. Draper House work to ensuring that all patient’s are treated as partners in their care, encouraging them to work directly with the MDT to identify personalised goals through use of a recovery journey tool and make progress. Encouraging Patient’s through giving support, positive feedback and offering hope is of valuable importance when enabling progression through the recovery pathway. Plans for Patients discharge commence upon admission and are reflected in the initial locked rehabilitation care plan reflecting the “Referral to Recovery” principle. Patients are encouraged from admission to plan their personal recovery pathway with support in identifying treatment needs and SMART goals within the recovery journey process. Patients are supported through their recovery pathway and upon discharge use of the transitional discharge support package allows for a graded and seamless transitional discharge period ensuring the patient is supported throughout.

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Safe wards initiative

This initiative provides a model and interventions which encourage staff and patients on ward to work together to reduce conflict and containment as much as possible. At Draper House we utilize the following interventions from safe wards to promote a safe and therapeutic environment; A positive handover, Self soothe boxes, getting to know you, Discharge messages, Admission message, Smart and tidy, Soft words, Clear mutual expectations, Mutual help meetings, Supporting patients with bad news, Medication empowerment, Walkabout

These initiatives place focus on enabling positive environments and a feeling of safety for the patients and staff whilst promoting least restrictive practices.

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We hold membership to AIMS standards for Rehabilitation, this allows for self assessment against the standards developed by the Royal College of Psychiatry. We believe meeting these standards will enable quality care provision and effective outcomes. It is our aim to achieve AIMS accreditation within the first 2 years of opening the service. These standards will be discussed and made available to the staff teams, patients and carers as we will require feedback on each area to enable further progression of the service.

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Patient Profile

Our model is designed for individuals with complex needs who require intensive input to enable them to successfully step down to supported living/or their own home. We will assess Patient’s for our service with varying and complex mental health needs including mental illness, personality disorder, dual diagnosis, physical challenges and complex psychological needs. For each patient our aim is to create a streamlined pathway which guarantees improvement in mental and physical health.

For referrals, please contact 0151 477 1234 or referrals@draperhouse.co.uk